Day 24 Drawing challenge


6 More days!  Today,     Elena Papaioannou is a Greek photographer and Chemical engineer who does not live in Munich.  For my day 24 post, I used two of her photographs without realizing it was the same photographer. (I realized after I clicked the photo in a Flickr search for images.) Elena has an eye for…

Day 23 Munich Artists Challenge


  I was thinking today it would be nice to have a drafting table with a bunch of storage for my designs and art pieces and look at the image I found!  What do you need today? Related Post Day 5 Drawing Challenge Artists Ready To Sell Art on Saturday Leaves – A Munich Creative…

Day 22 Munich Artists Drawing Challenge


I don’t have a constant missing but today I’m missing the ocean. It has been a few years since I left my landlocked city to go visit the edges of the continent.  I guess I’m worried that if I go to the ocean, I might not come back. Related Post Day 9 Drawing challenge Munich…

Art News from Everywhere Else

“Eddie Kang: In the middle of, 2013 (mixed media on canvas)” / Gallery Ihn / Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 /

  Lets take a moment to check out what is happening in the world of art. San Diego decided to show fine art at their Comic Con - Any kind of art from childlike to professional meaning it is the flea market of art fairs.  I do like a mix but there seems to be lots of…

Day 21 Drawing Challenge

munich artists day 21 challenge

C  It doesn’t have to be tangible. I picked NYC because I want a flat in NYC but If you want something intangible like a feeling or an idea try drawing it and then share it with us. Related Post Drawing Challenge Day 13 Munich Artists Friday Gallery Day 19 Drawing challenge BCA Munich Friday…

Drawing Challenge Day 20


Ten more days!  We will be having a party at Frauenstrasse 18 to celebrate the end of the challenge and Hazel Ang’s artwork.  For more information, checkout our Munich Artists Meetup page. Related Post Day 8 Drawing challenge Day 4 Drawing challenge: Your Favourite Place Drawing Challenge Day 13 Get Ready for some Free Art

Friday Gallery for July 18, 2014

Corinna Naumann

Even with all the drawing this week, artists still found time to submit artwork for the Friday gallery. Note: Remember that today was a very hot day in Munich. So hot that I melted and it took me this long to cool off and get back online to post this week’s gallery. Related Post Munich…

Munich Artists Friday Gallery


On a day filled with sun and rain we have a mix of daily drawings for the 30 day challenge and current artwork by Munich artists. Related Post Art ist Hart Exhibition/Austellung – Verniss… Art Brut and the Outsider Artist Munich Artists Sunday Walk – Hunt Down This… BCA Munich Friday Art Gallery

July 4 2014 BCA Munich Friday Gallery

BCA-Munich-Artists-Jens-edinger-stuttgart-DSC5745 Kopie (1)

After a few days of rain, it is wonderful to have the sun shining again!  Here are some artwork that blossomed over the week.   Don’t forget that to do something artsy this weekend.  If you have no clue what to do, check out our Monday Newsletter. Related Post 4 Ways an Artist Can Use…

Munich Artists Friday Gallery for June 27, 2014


I’m lucky to have a great selection of work this week from graffiti to jewellery created by artists in Munich. I spent the morning visiting Anne Trieba’s studio. Very talented woman and I look forward to seeing more of her work in the coming months. Related Post Friday Gallery April 18, 2014 Munich Artists Visits…