Drawing Challenge Day 14

munich artists fairytale character

  What fairytale character occupies your dreams?  In the land of the fairytales, lets pick a good one and draw it. Related Post Munich Artists Friday Gallery for August 23, 2013 Munich Artists Visit ARTMUC May 2014 Munich Artists Friday Gallery June 13 2014 BCA Munich Friday July 26 2013 Art Gallery

Drawing Challenge Day 13

Munich Artists Draw a comic

To see the other challenges visit our challenge page. Related Post BCA Munich Friday Gallery for April 4, 2014 Munich Artist Drawing Challenge Day 11 Munich Artists Sunday Walk – Hunt Down This… Munich Artists Friday Gallery

Sunday Walk or not? That was the question.

Lara Eckert

I would not ask you to walk anywhere in this weather. Hopefully you went to the ISAR or a beer garden after attending the Kocherlball this morning.  I did not go to the ball this year because last year it was way too crowded. The feedback from this year was that the ball was even busier than last year and almost…

Friday Gallery for July 18, 2014

Corinna Naumann

Even with all the drawing this week, artists still found time to submit artwork for the Friday gallery. Note: Remember that today was a very hot day in Munich. So hot that I melted and it took me this long to cool off and get back online to post this week’s gallery. Related Post BCA…

Munich Artists Friday Gallery


On a day filled with sun and rain we have a mix of daily drawings for the 30 day challenge and current artwork by Munich artists. Related Post July 4 2014 BCA Munich Friday Gallery Installation Art Project – Friday March 28, … Feb 21 Friday Gallery BCA Munich Friday Gallery September 27, 2013

July 4 2014 BCA Munich Friday Gallery

BCA-Munich-Artists-Jens-edinger-stuttgart-DSC5745 Kopie (1)

After a few days of rain, it is wonderful to have the sun shining again!  Here are some artwork that blossomed over the week.   Don’t forget that to do something artsy this weekend.  If you have no clue what to do, check out our Monday Newsletter. Related Post Office Warming Party and Art Swap…

Munich Artists Friday Gallery for June 27, 2014


I’m lucky to have a great selection of work this week from graffiti to jewellery created by artists in Munich. I spent the morning visiting Anne Trieba’s studio. Very talented woman and I look forward to seeing more of her work in the coming months. Related Post July 4 2014 BCA Munich Friday Gallery Munich…

Friday Gallery for June 20, 2014


What can I say?  Munich artists are awesome!  On this long holiday weekend, artists have been sending in photos even while traveling and hanging out in cities far away!  Take a peek at this week’s art and let me know what you think. Related Post Munich Artist Drawing Challenge Day 11 Munich Artists Friday Gallery…